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WinPep®Sparin is an innovative biomimetic peptide derived from Sphingobacterium lipoprotein, crafted using cutting-edge CADD technology. lt targets the novel soothing receptor, G protein-coupled receptor PAR-2, effectively diminishing neural sensitivity and elevating the skin's tolerance threshold, soothe, and calm the skin. And also it provides immediate relief redness through anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the skin barrier.

INCI Name: Acetyl hexapeptide-95 amide

Function: Soothing, Anti-allergic, Anti-inflammation

Recommended use level: 1-20%

Product Literature

Evaluation of efficacy

In vitro test

Significantly decrease the content of TNF-α and IL-6.

In vivo test

Rapidly improve redness within 60 minutes, alleviating skin irritation.

Repair skin barrier, reducing △TEWL for 120 minutes.

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