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Sustainable Development and Green Chemistry

Winkey 1.0 From Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to Cosmetic Peptides

Winkey Technology was established in 2011 by our founder Dr.Ding Wenfeng who had extensive pharmaceutical knowledge and experience in peptide development after he finished his PhD. at Peking University. After 10 years of constant research and unremitting efforts, always taking product innovation as the core competitiveness, Winkey has set up a whole chain industrial platform integrating R&D, production, promotion and application as well as global service and sales systems.  


Although there are just 10 years of history for us, we are aggressively growing and booming in the stage of rapid development as well as delivering on our promise of beauty and health with scientific and technological innovation.


To expand our foundation and develop cutting-edge technology, Winkey has successfully secured Series A stock funding. We are very confident about our future development and with great ambition to become a world-leading Chinese ingredient supplier in the cosmetic industry.

Winkey 2.0 From Cosmetic Peptides to Cosmetic Active Ingredients

To be more competitive in the global market, Winkey is not limited to cosmetic peptides, our eyes should survey the diversification to be deeper involved in the cosmetic industry, the next step will be to develop more efficacious cosmetic active ingredients from the perspective of sustainability, green chemistry, nature and clean beauty.


Partnering with the most famous top institutions—BGI Marine & Southwest Minzu University, the characteristic resource development platforms had been already established to discover effective and novel cosmetic ingredients derived from rare plants, including endangered medicinal plants (Plant Tissue Culture), rare alpine plants as well as marine resources from precious marine animals, plankton and marine microorganisms.  


Most notably, Joint Laboratory for Biosynthesis with Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, we will join hands to explore forward-looking techniques in synthetic biotechnology for the development of innovative active ingredients.

Winkey 3.0 From Speciality Active Ingredients Supplier to Global Brand Innovation Dreamer

When the Chinese New Cosmetic Regulations came out in 2021, the cosmetic industry in China was completely changed in order to become more transparent and compliant. Meanwhile, new cosmetic regulations allow the new ingredient registration in IECIC, therefore the demand for high-efficiency, unique, innovative products spring up like mushrooms. How to innovate?


The openness of new cosmetic regulations and the growing importance of the Chinese market have attracted ingredient suppliers and cosmetic brands at home and abroad. However, quality, safety, efficacy and labeling requirements for cosmetic products are regulated differently in China, making it difficult to identify relevant regulations and ensure compliance where cosmetic products are marketed.


Inspired by new cosmetic regulations, our six new ingredients were successfully registered in IECIC and brought very promising interest from our customers. With a profound understanding of new cosmetic regulations, WinRND, as one of the subsidiaries of Winkey Technology, was established to offer the technical service surrounded by new cosmetic regulations, such as customization and registration of new ingredients in IECIC, efficacy study.


Pursue beauty and health with scientific and technological innovation


Achieving a world-leading Chinese active ingredients brand


Technology Innovation, Tread Carefully, Team Cooperation, Customer First

Our highlight




Peptide project funded officially


Chinese High-Tech Enterprise


· Establishment of Peptide Institution · ISO9001:2015 Certified


· IFSCC Benefactor · EFfCI-GMP Certified


· Series A stock funding $32millions · ISO22716:2007 Certified · WKPep®Erasin as 3rd new ingredient in IECIC list


· Headquater movement with covering area of 2600㎡ · NMN/Oligopeptide-215/Nicotinoyl Tetrapeptide-30 registration in IECIC · CACPA honorable memberships · ISO14001, ISO45001, SEDEX, RSPO Certificated


· Complete the shareholding reform and change to a limited liability company · Caffeoyl Hexapeptide-9/Acetyl Hexapeptide-95 Amide/Conopeptide registration in IECIC


Attach particular importance to
research and development

Biosynthesis Research Joint Laboratory

Cooperating with Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Biosynthesis Research Joint Laboratory was built to explore forward-looking synthetic biotechnology and develop green and sustainable active ingredients.

Biosynthesis Research
Winkey Peptide Research Institute

Winkey Peptide Research Institute is the first government-certified peptide research institute for skin care in China, which dedicates to the technological innovation of active ingredients and scientific technological achievements transformation.

A cutting-edge innovation R&D system
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Characteristic Resource R&D Platform

In collaboration with BGI Marine and Southwest Minzu University, the characteristic resource R&D platforms had been already established to discover effective and novel cosmetic ingredients derived not only from Characteristic Plant, including Pan Himalayan plants, endangered medicinal plants (Plant Tissue Culture), rare alpine plants but also from marine resources from precious marine animals (directed artificial breeding), Marine vegetation, plankton and marine microorganisms.

Characteristic Resource

Green, Sustainable and
Efficient Manufacturing Sites

There are three main manufacturing sites in China, which cover an area of 52,800㎡. Equipped with advanced and sophisticated production facilities, it allows strong production capabilities and high reliability. 


We are committed to maintaining and delivering the highest quality standards involved in the production and logistics of our products and in the raw materials we use. All factory activities comply with valid legal and governmental requirements as well as approval for ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, Cosmetic Ingredient Good Manufacturing Practice (EFfCI), RSPO certification and SEDEX evaluation.

Zhuhai Winkey International Health Port Factory
Zhuhai Winkey International Health Port Factory

Covering an area of approximately 3,000 ㎡, the factory was constructed in strict accordance with the EffCI GMP standard and ISO9001 quality system. From the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, production technology, testing and analysis, etc., all will be based on the most stringent third-party audit standards to ensure high-quality production output.

To maintain a high-quality production output, a variety of international advanced production equipment has been installed, enabling the factory to increase its peptide production by approximately 4000 tons/year. These cutting-edge technologies enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the production process, while also ensuring that the quality of the final product meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Zhuhai Winkey Technology Co., Ltd
Zhuhai Winkey Technology Co., Ltd

Located adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao in the east, the Daxi International Waterway in the south and the Pearl River Delta in the north, Zhuhai Production Base benefits from outstanding transportation connections by sea, air, and land. The area is home to the Zhuhai Port, Airport, and a network of criss-crossing expressways, making it a hub for logistics and transportation.

Covering area of 40,000㎡, Zhuhai production base is currently under construction and will feature a synthesis workshop, peptides production facility, fermentation and extraction center, finished cosmetic production line, as well as research and development and quality assurance departments.

With a focus on state-of-the-art equipment and processes, the base will be able to produce high-quality products that meet or exceed industry standards.

Dongguan Production Base
Dongguan Production Base

Covering an area of 10,000㎡, the factory mainly produces peptides and finished cosmetics.

Cosmetic Ingredient Good Manufacturing Practice (EFfCI)

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems

Sedex Certification

ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

A cutting-edge innovation R&D system
Prospective Peptide Structure Design

Relying on the pharmaceutical development method and computer-aided drug design (CADD), functional and innovative active ingredients were designed based on target proteins. To date, more than 100 new structural components have been developed, 60 patents have been registered in China, and 5 international PCT applications have been filed.

Quality Research

According to pharmaceutical standards, a series of quality standards from upstream raw materials, intermediates and active ingredients were established, and all the manufacturing processes will be tracked and recorded in our system.

Efficacy Study

To prove the efficacy and safety of its products, the efficacy study including in vitro test, in vivo test and safety test was powerfully carried out by our reasonable and legal inspection and testing laboratory which has passed CNAS and CMA certification.

CNAS is the abbreviation for China National Accreditation Board of Laboratories, indicating that the inspection agency has passed the assessment of the China National Laboratory Certification Committee, and its inspection capabilities have reached the level of a national laboratory and are mutually recognized internationally by the United States, Japan, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, etc. In addition, the test report with a CMA seal can be used as a product quality evaluation, effectiveness, and appraisal institution, which is legally recognized.