Are All Oil-Based Skincare Products Greasy and Sticky? That's not always the case!


Nowadays, an increasing number of consumers are seeking a fresh and smooth skin texture, and they tend to be a bit sniffy about skincare products that leave a greasy sensation. They not only trigger excess sebum production, leading to the formation of pimples and acne, but also make the skin appear less smooth. Moreover, excessive oiliness can result in clogged pores, giving rise to blackheads and whiteheads. The greasy feeling on the skin can also cause makeup to wear off quickly, making it prone to smudging. Most importantly, this kind of skin texture can be uncomfortable and and impact your self-confidence.


Therefore, the quest for a comfortable and confident skin sensation leads consumers to opt for products that offer a lightweight and non-greasy texture. And here are some of our products that align with the skincare trends of fresh skin sensation:


100% Camellia Squalane Serum Oil


Experience the unbelievable lightness on your skin! 100% Camellia Squalane Serum Oil brings you the gift of smoother, more luxurious skin. Containing WActive®Camellia Squalane, which is sourced exclusively from camellia seeds, undergone a green ecological extraction to yield high-purity Squalane, leaving no organic solvent residues. It's not only for skincare, but can also be infused into hair care routine. Elevate the moisture effect of your hair and scalp to keep a nice and glossy shine.


3:7 Water-oil Dual-phase Camellia Squalane Essence


Always worried about that sticky feeling on your face? With Winkey innovative 3:7 water-oil ratio formula, you can bid farewell to heavy textures. 3:7 Water-oil Dual-phase Camellia Squalane Essence, the “3” -- An oil phase that comprised of WActive®Camellia Squalane, macadamia oil and wheat germ oil, providing nourishment for dry skin; the “7” -- An water phase utilizes WKPep Calmin and WKPep Wateren to improve skin tone and enhance moisture retention, forming brighter and hydrated skin. When you gently spread it on your skin, you’ll catch a whiff of camellia fragrance, as the unique aroma of camellia flower extract. This fast-absorbing essence will promote a radiant and dewy aesthetic.