The First Skin Active Peptide Innovation Science Conference of 2024 Concluded Successfully in Shanghai


Shanghai, July 5, 2024 – The first-ever Skin Active Peptide Innovation Science Conference of 2024, themed “Scientific Peptides,” concluded successfully today. The event brought together over 10 industry heavyweights, including top international peptide researchers, renowned doctors, and popular beauty influencers, creating a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange and industry innovation.

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International peptide researchers, well-known doctors, and beauty experts on July 5 in Shanghai

The conference featured in-depth discussions on global market trends, cutting-edge research, advanced technologies, innovative applications, and science-backed recommendations. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the innovation and application of skin-active peptides in the beauty industry from multiple perspectives, gaining valuable insights into the latest developments.


One of the highlights of the conference was the comprehensive exploration of peptides from four key perspectives: new trends, new research, new technology, and new applications.

  • New trend:


Dr.Karl Lintner Speech on “EBC and TCM*: how "East and West can meet", A PEPTIDE BRIDGE"

                                                                                                  *refers to Evident-base Care and Traditional Chinese Medicine


Dermatologist Dr. Chen Speech on "Application Prospects of Bioactive Peptides in Dermatology"

  • New research:


Professor Wang Chao, Medicinal Chemistry, Peking University, Speech on "Basic Research and Application of Peptides"



Professor Lai from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Speech on "R&D of Bioactive Peptides from Natural Animal Sources"

  • New technology:


Winkey R&D Director Dr. Liu Speech on "Innovative Peptide Research and Development Based on Cutting-Edge Technologies"

  • New application:


Winkey Production Department Director Ivy Chen Speech on "Winkey Innovative Peptides and Precision Skincare Solutions"

Another key focus of the event was the sustainable production of peptides. The event introduced innovative technology for producing peptides through biosynthesis using bioenzymes. This cutting-edge approach offers several advantages, including significant cost reductions in production and a green, environmentally friendly process. This advancement not only makes peptide production more economically viable but also aligns with global sustainability goals by reducing the environmental impact of industrial manufacturing.


This approach allowed participants to delve into the most advanced research findings and breakthrough technologies, fostering a deeper understanding of the potential of peptides in beauty and skincare.


The event not only facilitated scientific exchange but also empowered the beauty industry by connecting various sectors and stakeholders. Participants expressed their enthusiasm for the collaborative environment and the opportunity to engage with leading experts in the field.


Participants visited the booth of skincare peptide solutions

We are thrilled with the success of this conference. The insights and innovations shared here will undoubtedly drive the future of the beauty industry,” said Dr Ding, Chair man of Winkey. “We are grateful to all the speakers and attendees for their invaluable contributions.”