Springtime Sparkle in Paris, Recap of Winkey's Wonderful Moments in Incosmetic Global 2024



In the vibrant embrace of spring, we gracefully concluded the illustrious Incosmetic Global held in Paris. People from all over the world, including researchers and folks from cosmetic brands flocked in a mesmerizing stream, converging at the Winkey's booth to engage, exchange, and immerse in the exquisite journey of product exploration.

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On this 3-day event, our two flagship products garnered attention from both new and existing customers. WKPep® Erasin, which offers instant and long-lasting firming while promoting multiple collagen expressions. And WKPep® Salaregen S, which inspired from natural sources - salamanders, known for its stabilizing, resilient, and firming properties.

In addition, Winkey also presented our "Originating from China" series, showcasing the perfect fusion of Chinese characteristic resources from nature to technology. This innovative blend received high praise from global visitors, driving the global application of Chinese innovative ingredients and bringing China's beauty of innovation to the world.


The Innovation Zone of this year, our innovative biomimetic peptide WKPep® Sparin has attracted many customers. It crafted through targeted design based on CADD molecular techniques. In terms of efficacy, it delivers a visible redness reduction within 15 minutes and boasts exceptional soothing and reparative capabilities.

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