Diving into innovation, Winkey published a cover page essay on Bioconjugate Chemistry


Winkey collaborated with Macau University of Science and Technology to publish a cover page essay on RGD and Scutellarin Conjugate (WK001) in the latest issue of Bioconjugate Chemistry.

Bioconjugate Chemistry, one of the journals of the ACS (American Chemical Society), reports on research that makes original contributions to the interface between synthetic and biological materials.It is intended to provide a forum for presentation of research relevant to all aspects of bioconjugates, including the preparation, properties and applications of biomolecular conjugates.

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This essay focuses on the shortcomings of RGD peptides in Myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (MI/R) injury clinical applications. Using PDC technology, a new platelet GPIIb/IIIa receptor antagonist, WK001 was developed by modifying the RGD peptide structure using scutellarin as the amino acid template. RGD and its drug-bound peptides can be used as highly specific molecular targets to provide new avenues for disease treatment.

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Moreover, the essay offers new perspectives on the creation of novel cosmetic peptides through the utilization of peptide-drug conjugates technology. This method has been applied to two newly developed ingredients, namely caffeoyl hexapeptide-9 and acetyl hexapeptide-95 amide.


Caffeoyl Hexapeptide-9 covalently links the target peptide (hexapeptide-9) and the payload (caffeic acid) via a linker (amide bond), allowing the active ingredient to reach the target tissue more accurately and providing a synergistic effect.


Acetyl Hexapeptide-95 Amide utilizes niacin (vitamin B3) as the active load, linked to the target peptide (tetrapeptide) via a linker (amide bond), improving niacin's stimulating properties and increasing the lipid solubility of the coupling body, thereby promoting the transdermal absorption of the active substance.


The article of Winkey was selected as the cover paper of Bioconjugate Chemistry, which fully proves the technical competence and innovative capability of Winkey in the field of biosynthetic materials. Winkey will intensively engage in scientific research and innovation in the future and continue to cooperate with various parties to contribute to the improvement of the cosmetic ingredients industry.